Taken Necklace

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IMG_8354 (1).jpg

Taken Necklace

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Say anything you want and wear it proudly. I used wire to handcraft the word plate in this design. I measured, curved, and bent every single letter, assuring that they were all as uniform and evenly spaced out as possible. After I was done with the word plate, I started on the clasp. For this, I cut two pieces of wire and hand-formed both clasp components. I filed one end of each component smooth and flat in order for it to fit, flushly, against the rest of the component and prepared them to be successfully soldered. I, then, used my fire torch and soldered them closed. Once the word plate and clasp were made, I tumbled the pieces, for a substantial amount of time, until the perfect amount of strength and additional shine were reached. Once I was done with the tumbling process, I cut two identical lengths of chain and attached them to either side of the word plate by wire-wrapping them together. I, then, attached the clasp to the ends of the chain, also, by wire-wrapping them together. I finished the design off by adding a dainty logo tag.  

∙ brass
∙ copper
∙ sterling silver
∙ gold-filled

∙ 16" - 22"

∙ handcrafted

∙ ¼" - ½"

{ given the nature of this design, size, and/or shape may (or may not) vary, to some degree, from the pictured necklace }

In order to show their maximum detail, all necklaces are photographed at close-up range. Therefore, they may seem larger than they actually are. Please refer to item description above for size details.

This item is custom-made, therefore non-refundable. I try my best to be accurate in my item descriptions. However, if I fail to do so, and your item is not as described, I will honor a return/refund.

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