Bizarre Circumstances

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Bizarre Circumstances 1.jpg
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Bizarre Circumstances

from 48.50

The proud protagonist of this design is the enameled U.S. penny. Also, available with a Canadian penny. I, first, polished the coin and then drilled a hole through it to hang it from later. To give it a distinct effect, I hammered the penny into a perfectly-domed shape. I handmade several small rings to attach to the penny as well as the extra charms seen in the photos. I soldered most of them closed, except the one for the penny, which I will solder closed once the penny is attached to it. I, evenly, distributed fine powdered glass enamel, in turquoise blue, on the penny and carefully torch-fired it in order to fuse both materials together. I hand-formed the adjustable bangle with a very thick wire, for sturdiness. I tumbled the bangle, for a substantial amount of time, until the perfect amount of strength and shine was reached. Once this process was completed, I attached the penny to its ring and soldered it closed. I, then, wire-wrapped the rest of the charms which include a couple of unique glass beads and three turquoise beads. I attached each of them, individually, to a ring and then attached all charms to the bangle. I did this before closing the ends of the bangle, in order to lock them all in, and added a dainty logo tag to the piece.

Although it is a lengthy and messy process, it is well worth the conquest, as this technique gives the design a charming vintage look that will never go out of style.

This design is visually stunning from, both, the frontside as well as the backside. However, if you prefer for me to use the backside of the pennies as the frontside, please let me know in the ‘Note to Seller’. Also, if you wish for a particular year, just send me a message requesting the year and I will do my best to accommodate your request. Depending on the age of the penny you desire, there may be a small fee applied to the cost as older pennies are more difficult to come by, therefore, a treasure hunt may be ensued. ;) If you want a Canadian penny, instead, just let me know in the 'Note to Seller'. However, if you want a specific year for it, let me know and I'll check my foreign coin inventory for that year.

The year-dated pennies can open upmany possibilities for gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, milestones, etc. It will, most definitely, be a cherished piece.

∙ enameled U.S. penny, glass, and turquoise
{ given the nature of this design, size, and/or shape may (or may not) vary, to some degree, from the pictured bracelet }

∙ orange
{ please inquire about available colors as there are many more }

∙ brass / copper / sterling silver

∙ x-small ( 2¼" )
∙ small ( 2½" )
∙ medium ( 2¾" )
∙ large ( 3" )
∙ x-large ( 3¼" )

In order to show their maximum detail, all bracelets are photographed at close-up range. Therefore, they may seem larger than they actually are. Please refer to item description above for size details.

This item is custom-made, therefore non-refundable. I try my best to be accurate in my item descriptions. However, if I fail to do so, and your item is not as described, I will honor a return/refund.

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