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Invited Exes

from 35.00

*~ owyhee picture jasper ~*
{ given the nature of this design and stone, color, size, and/or shape will vary, to some degree, from the pictured bracelet }

*~ brass / copper / sterling silver ~*

*~ x-small ( 2¼" ) ~*
*~ small ( 2½" ) ~*
*~ medium ( 2¾" ) ~*
*~ large ( 3" ) ~*
*~ x-large ( 3¼" ) ~*

This bracelet is secured where it meets the stone, therefore, it cannot
be opened. To put on, it will have to be slipped over your hand. Make
sure that you get a large enough size so that it, snugly, fits over the widest part of your hand, yet small enough so that it does not fit too big on your wrist. To measure, all you need is a string and a ruler. First, bring your
thumb and little finger together so that the fingertips touch, while the
rest of your fingers rest on top of both. Then, wrap the string, somewhat tightly, around the widest part of your hand. Mark the spot where both
ends of the string meet. Next, make an even circle, making sure that both marked ends meet again. Finally, measure the diameter of the circle, by placing the ruler on one side of the circle and measuring straight across
the very center of the circle until reaching the other side. This will give
you your bangle size.

*~ 8x4mm ~*

In order to show their maximum detail, all bracelets are photographed at
close-up range. Therefore, they may seem larger than they actually are.
Please refer to item description above for size details.

This item is custom-made, therefore non-refundable. I try my best to be
accurate in my item descriptions. However, if I fail to do so, and your item
is not as described, I will honor a return/refund.

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